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The compressed air pipe system plays an important role in the entire line of the production. AIRpipe System adopts the unique patent technology, providing the high quality compressed air under the suitable pressure environment, reducing the energy cost for the client. The spare part for our system are more flexible for installation and can meet different design and production requirements for different customers.


tube (supplied in single lengths) available in 3 and 6 meters from 20 to 200mm


is flexible, quick and easy


to corrosion, vibration and heat; the air is preserved throughout the system up to point of use


of the AIRpipe system differentiates itself trough outstanding design, quality material and efficient production processes


with existing compressed air ring main systems is possible with the extensive range of pipe and fittings available


of mind knowing AIRpipe is supported, with a manufacturer 10 year warranty


efficient low friction inner surface eliminates airflow restriction, reducing pressure drop
Maximum Temperature: -20°C to +70°C
Maximum work pressure: 15 bar
Vacuum: 0.13 bar (ab)
Compatible with any compressor oil suitable for open air installation silicone free, suitable for compressed air, vacuum, inert gas.
*for the case which is forbidden for silicon resin, please consult with us.
Seamless Aluminium Alloy pipe fireproof GB/T4437.1.1-2000
AIRPIPE products have CE, TUV and ISO Certification
All the threaded connectors have BSP and NPT (On demand)


For many years, structural rehabilitation of mains was strictly available in the gas and sewer industries. A decade ago, Sanexen developed a structural liner for the rehabilitation of drinking water mains.

Aqua Pipe® is a proven economical and viable alternative to issues related to water mains where, in the past, the only solution was to dig and replace.

City managers and engineers from public works departments now have a decision to make when they experience the following issues with their water mains

Aqua-Pipe® is a structural liner designed and manufactured with mechanical properties that exceed all specifications and meet drinking water requirements.

Aqua-Pipe® is certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 61, UL, BNQ3660-950 and WRAS approved product (BS6920).

The Aqua-Pipe® solution has many advantages, such as when
Evidently, there are strong advantages in using the Aqua-Pipe® liner in well populated areas where water main breaks and rusty water plague the system.
Our crews and licensees have installed many miles of Aqua-Pipe® throughout North America and overseas.